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Luton Community Housing


Help us Improve
As a tenant, your home is affected by the decisions we take. Your neighbourhood is shaped by the way we develop our services. This is why we try hard to find out what you really want, and encourage tenants and other residents to help us to improve our services in may different ways.

What it means to get involved
The Association aims to encourage and assist tenants to become involved in the management of their homes, estates and neighbourhoods. We strive continually to improve the services that we offer, but we can improve them more with your help. There are many ways you can help us do more or better. See some ideas below:

  • Neighbourhood problems - perhaps you want to tackle problems in your neighbourhood, like vandalism or a lack of play facilities: talk to us to see if we can help
  • Have ideas for improvements - you may be concerned about your home or the service we provide, and have ideas for improvements: contact us with your ideas and thoughts
  • Take part in our tenants' forums or complete surveys for us online, on paper or we can arrange for someone to visit you to hear your views.
  • Some tenants help to manage the Association by joining our board. Two places on the board are reserved specifically for tenants.

Resident Involvement
Residents' meetings are held everyfour weeks. All residents are entitled to attend. Meetings are usually formal, with minutes being taken. The members of staff on duty will attend these meetings. Informal discussion meetings can also be arranged when necessary. The points raised in meetings by residents or staff are used as a consultation guide for future housing management.

Both staff and residents are expected to play a part in ensuring that any necessary action is carried out. The Senior Project Worker is responsible for ensuring that all necessary action is taken. Specific actions will normally be delegated to appropriate members of staff. However, you are invited to become involved in some aspects of the running of the project, particularly those that might improve residents' life skills and therefore assist them to move on to independent and permanent accommodation.

The Tenants' Association
The LCH Tenants' Association is an important way for tenants to become involved in the management of their housing. It is run by tenants, for tenants. It holds regular meetings that every LCH tenant is entitled to attend. You can find out more about our improvement programmes, how we work and our plans for the future. You can help us tackle wider community issues. And you can raise any matters that are important to you. Making your voice heard.

Reports from Tenants' Association meetings go to the LCH board, so you can be sure your views will be taken into account. Tenants' Association representatives also attend at least one board meeting every year. Membership is free, and the Tenants' Association is run by a committee whose members are elected to serve for one year. Enjoy the social side. Our Tenants' Association also organises social activities during the year.

Filling in questionnaires is the easiest way to get your views across to us. We use postal questionnaires to ask about your overall satisfaction with our services. We analyse the information we receive and use the results to help us plan for the future. Other questionnaires are available in a format to suit you by post, over the telephone, through e-mail or online via our website. NHF Status Survey Blank survey forms Neighbourhood Surveys

How you can get involved
There are lots of ways to make your voice heard, with something for everyone.

Focus Groups
Focus groups are one-off discussions on specific subjects, such as how we carry out repairs or let our properties. We use focus groups to explore the views and experiences of our tenants in more depth than we are able to do through surveys. You can choose the topics you are interested in and how often you attend such meetings. This is a good way of getting involved if you think you might enjoy more in-depth discussion of a particular service. We offer help with transport costs to tenants who want to come to focus group meetings.

LCH Tenants' Association
Our Tenants' Association organises social activities for tenants during the year. This kind of involvement is less formal than meetings with committees. Sometimes, the Tenants' Association also tackles wider community issues.

Local Neighbourhood Forums and Sheltered Housing Forums
After carrying out a neighbourhood survey, we like to arrange a local meeting to discuss issues that have come out of the survey. We hold neighbourhood meetings as frequently as residents want them, including meetings for residents of our sheltered housing scheme.

If you want to be involved in discussions about tackling issues in your local community, then this could be for you. You'll be helping us to improve services for example, CCTV cameras, play areas, gardening projects, warden patrols, cleansing services and security gates as well as helping to plan major redesigns of estates.

Rural Areas
Sometimes tenants in rural areas will act as a link between their neighbours and our office team. You could become a named contact, learn more about the Association and help your housing team keep in touch with your community.

Board Membership
We believe that tenants' experiences and viewpoints are extremely valuable to the work of the board, and we have two places on the board for tenants. If you feel you could contribute to the management of the Association at the highest level, you might be interested in joining the board. All members of the board are volunteers, and they decide on key issues of the Association's policy, strategy and areas of business.

We can provide training to help you take this step, if you have the time, experience and commitment needed. Newsletter Meetings Surveys Filling in satisfaction surveys gives us important feedback on your views. Mystery shoppers - we brief you to enquire about our services and report back on how your request was handled.