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Supported Housing

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Setting potential free

We recently introduced a progressive new way of working with our residents in supported housing to empower them to gain the skills they need for independent living. Our new coaching model helps residents to identify their goals and to recognise and change any behaviours that may prevent them from achieving them.

More support for residents

Our support now includes:

  • Regular one-to-one and group coaching sessions. These are held wherever our residents feel most comfortable – from the park to a coffee shop to our own coaching rooms. As part of this, we work with residents to help them find their passion in life, and complete their own applications for jobs, volunteering or educational studies. We also help them to become decision makers and, where appropriate, file their own complaints or appeal decisions.

  • Referrals to Open Minds, our in-house one-to-one therapy service, and other local agencies. We also encourage residents to attend Up Coaching sessions, which are held locally.

  • Social activities across all our hostels. These include spa evenings, weekly tennis and badminton sessions at the local park and trips to the seaside. We also encourage residents to lead their own activities, which have ranged from a boot camp session to cooking lessons.

  • Workshops on topics including budgeting, sexual health, fire safety and CV writing.

A growing number of services

This year, we expanded our services, which has enabled us to widen our support in the community and our areas of expertise. Our supported housing services now include:

  • An emergency hostel for single young people aged from 16 to 25.

  • Two hostels for young mums aged from 16 to 25.

  • Two hostels for single men and women, and one mixed second stage, all for residents aged from 16 to 65.

  • Transitional flats for 16 to 18 year olds leaving care.

  • Accommodation and support for unaccompanied asylum-seeking children. This includes one house in Luton and four houses in Bedford, as part of a new contract recently awarded to us by Bedford Council.

Success stories

Overcoming addiction

Mr D referred himself to our stage one hostel for single males in June 2017. He'd been living on the streets in Luton after losing his accommodation and had struggled with drug addiction for many years. He recognised a pattern but felt unable to progress without housing and was also finding it difficult to maintain a healthy relationship with his family.

During his time with us, Mr D started attending regular support sessions with a local drug and alcohol agency. He also had regular coaching sessions with us and managed to gain control of his finances and addiction.

He's now able to recognise when he's at risk of relapsing and can manage these thoughts. Mr D started a level 2 college course in September and has moved to our second stage hostel.

Coaching for confidence

A young mother living in one of our hostels fell into serious rent arrears because she'd forgotten to tell the council about her change of circumstances. The team worked hard to connect with the resident and, using coaching techniques, helped her rebuild her confidence to take the appropriate action. Her benefits were reinstated, and she now communicates well with us.

In control of emotions

We were receiving several complaints a week about the antisocial behaviour of a young woman living in one of our hostels. One of our coaches intervened and held some intensive sessions with her. This helped the young woman open up and be able to explain that she wanted to change her behaviour but didn't know how. Our staff began to work with her to resolve this, and she's learned to react differently to situations. As a result, we haven't had any more complaints about her behaviour.

Moving on positively

Over the last year, 36 of our residents have moved out of supported housing accommodation and have secured their own tenancy – either privately, through the council or with a housing association. Several of our residents have also gone on to study full time at university.

What residents say about coaching


I have been suffering a bit lately and she has been so supportive. She encouraged me to get out of my room and go to the All-Women's Centre. She's so supportive, caring and funny. She's made a huge impact!

- LCH resident


I feel benefit from my coaching sessions. I always feel uplifted and I'm really happy with my nominated coach.

- LCH resident