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LCL continues to thrive

Luton Community Lettings has grown with such strength we've divided into two specialist areas – PLS (private leasing scheme) and HMOs (shared accommodation and supported housing). Honing our focus in this way will help us to continue our growth and increase our contribution to Luton Community Housing.

Profit from private leasing

To provide flexibility for landlords, and encourage them to use our services, we offer a choice of long-term lease contracts and property management options. By July 2018, Luton Community Lettings had 84 leased properties – an increase of 9 (12%) on the previous year.

The private market is ever more competitive and central government continues to put pressure on local government funding for temporary accommodation. Despite this, we've achieved an average gross yield of 23% this year. This enables us to give a strong contribution to LCH's management, finance, central administration and governance costs and continue our commitment to providing affordable housing in Luton and South Bedfordshire.

Support for shared accommodation

We've also continued to increase the number of houses in multiple occupation (HMOs) that we offer and now have 19 – an increase of 10 (111%) on 2017. We provide a range of accommodation for 90 tenants in our HMOs. This includes people with varying support needs, our aim being to help tenants move through a process that will enable them to live a fully independent lifestyle.
Luton Community Lettings has become a key member of a partnership of local agencies. Together, we're providing support for local people suffering from mental health issues, drug or alcohol misuse, domestic abuse or exploitation. Our pivotal role in the partnership is to provide move-on accommodation. This will help Luton Borough Council achieve its objective of halving the number of people sleeping rough in the town by 2021.

Coming up for LCL

Over the next year:

  • We'll launch two more HMO properties and continue looking into developing or redeveloping seven more sites across Luton.

  • The HMO department will join forces with Luton Community Housing's supported housing team. This will enable us to offer comprehensive supported housing for single homeless people across Luton.

  • The HMO team will move to 63 Inkerman Street, Luton, which will allow us to offer a large drop-in space for HMO and supported housing tenants. We'll also offer training and peer mentoring from this address.

  • We'll design analytical tools to enable a deeper understanding of the needs of Luton and its people and carry out a complete overview of our processes and procedures.
Monitoring our tenants' demographics gives us greater understanding of the needs of Luton and its people and how our tenants are progressing.

A recent sample of these demographics

(taken from our 90 tenants in HMO accommodation) is: